How to Get Rid of Old College Textbooks

Finals are over. Hopefully, you got the grade that you wanted. As it comes time to pack up all of your belongings, the heaviest and probably most expensive possession you have is your collection of used textbooks. While some people choose to keep a few of the most valuable textbooks, most students make a decision as to what to do with their used textbooks.

If you chose to buy cheap textbooks or even half priced textbooks at the beginning of the semester, chances are you already saved a lot more money than your classmates. If you are sure that you don’t mind parting ways with that organic chemistry textbook, it may be time to sell your textbooks. Most colleges have several solutions for their students. However, students should try to choose options that will allow them to get some cash for their textbooks.

You can choose to participate in the college’s textbooks buyback. Most college bookstores will have a textbooks buyback for the last 2-3 weeks of classes. By visiting the bookstore’s website, you will usually be given the option to enter the textbook ISBN. You will then be informed if the bookstore is purchasing the textbook back, the price that is offered, and how many books they are looking to purchase. If they are only purchasing 10 of that particular textbook, it would be best to sell it back as soon as possible. Once they hit their limit, they are done.

If you feel that the college bookstore isn’t giving you quite enough for your textbooks, there will also be independent companies stationed near the campus ready to give you cash for your books. Check out what their purchasing price is. If they are higher on a few of your textbooks, sell to them. Remember to shop around for the best textbooks buyback price. You don’t have to sell all of your textbooks to the same place. The bookstore may offer you $20, while an independent company may offer you $40. Usually all of these places are within a few feet of each other, which creates some competition. Check out what each will give you to maximize the cash in your pocket.

If the bookstore and independent companies are not purchasing your textbook back this semester, do not get distraught. You can sell your textbooks online at websites such as E-bay or Amazon. You simply enter in the ISBN number and a picture and description of the textbook will appear. You can choose to list it at whatever price you feel necessary. However, if you choose to list it higher than your competitors, you will not make the sale. Be sure to give an accurate condition of the textbook. If you spilled an entire cup of coffee which ruined half the book, don’t list it as “like new.” Most websites, such as Amazon, will reimburse you for your shipping costs and charge you a certain percentage for listing your textbook. Be patient with listings. If it is the end of the spring semester, you may not sell the textbook until the fall.

If you haven’t sold the textbook, it may be time to look to your younger classmates. Perhaps your roommate, sorority sister, or friend may need to take the same class next year. You may be able to sell your used textbook to them. It will be a cheap college textbook for them because they won’t have to pay bookstore prices or online shipping costs. Perhaps they even have a book you will eventually need. You may be able to reach some type of trading agreement with them.

As a last resort, if you simply don’t have enough time, patience, or space to store the textbooks, you can donate your used textbooks. Many colleges offer this option for textbooks that are not going to be used again (because the textbook publishers have created a “new” edition). Although you will not receive any type of reimbursement for the textbooks, they will be out of your hands.

Although college textbooks are a necessary part of your college education, they can put a dent in your wallet each semester. Because you paid a considerable amount for your college textbooks, you will probably want to see some type of return at the end of the semester. By exploring all of these options, you may just sell your textbooks and get enough money to purchase cheap, used textbooks next semester (or go on a mini vacation this summer).

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  1. Ryan Colls says:

    I think it is best to sell your textbooks yourself on market places like amazon or to get the best value for your books.

    Next option is to sell to the highest paying buyback company. compares the buyback prices offered by companies.

    Other option include selling it to other students on University or selling it school buyback. School buyback will offer you the least money

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